Questions Left Open After What If…? Season 1 Is Over

Episode 9 of What If…? truly overwhelmed Chekov by unleashing a grand, multi-universe adventure that unites all of this season’s heroes into the Guardians of the Multiverse to confront the powerful Ultron possessing the stones. Infinity. However, Marvel still made Chekov ponder and think with many difficult questions to answer.

Gamora in What If…? what have you been through?

It’s well known that Gamora in the main MCU timeline has suffered from a domineering and selfish Thanos. She sacrificed her life in exchange for the soul stone, making Chekov cry all his tears. But in What If…? Chekov is reunited with a new version of Gamora in Guardians of the Multiverse. She wears golden armor and wields a sword very similar to the one used by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

As far as Chekov found out, Gamora was produced by Marvel completely independently, but due to budget constraints, he had to switch to season 2. In episode 9, Gamora used a machine capable of destroying the Infinity Stones. extreme and seems to have defeated Thanos on his own.

Why did The Watcher choose Party Thor and not other variations?

Towards the end of What If…? Episode 9, Chekov discovers that The Watcher foresaw the entire battle between Ultron and the Guardians of the Multiverse. As such, all the arrangements of The Watcher must be precise to every inch to bring victory. But the fact that he chose Party Thor – a somewhat shallow, silly character is what Chekov is most difficult to understand.

If The Watcher needs Thor to use Mjolnir and his lightning powers, why not choose a less disruptive and smarter variant? There are many other candidates who are equally qualified and much more responsible than the guy who always wants to get drunk and dance.

How did Ultron surprise The Watcher?

The Watcher himself admits that he sees everything that has happened and will happen in the multiverse but does not anticipate Ultron taking over Vision’s body, taking the Infinity Stones and ravaging all the planets, The universe. Chekov found it even more difficult to understand when the plan to defeat Ultron in episode 9 was extremely successful.

If The Watcher can see Ultron’s end, why can’t he see how it begins? Chekov guessed the writers of What If…? Overpowered Ultron or The Watcher sometimes makes mistakes.

Will Strange Supreme be in Doctor Strange 2?

Among the Guardians of the Multiverse, Chekov finds that Doctor Strange Supreme – the almighty version of Doctor Strange who destroyed his entire universe because of his hubris plays a very important role. Lonely at the loss of all his loved ones, Strange Supreme has a chance to redeem himself by helping The Watcher save the multiverse from Ultron’s killing. This character is also trusted by The Watcher to protect the mini-universe that holds Ultron, Zola and Killmonger.

Chekov thinks this version of Trang is quite interesting and is looking forward to Strange Supreme appearing in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness?

What happened to Steve Rogers?

The end-credits scene of episode 9 opens a new storyline for Captain Carter, Black Widow and even Steve Rogers. Specifically, Natasha discovered the Hydra Stomper used by Steve Rogers in What If…? episode 1. She decides to call Peggy Carter and find out who’s in there.

Chekov thinks that if Steve were still alive, he might as well be a Hydra agent. Steve Rogers was injected with super soldier serum? Is anyone else using Hydra Stomper?

Will The Watcher continue to break his oath in What If…? season 2?

From episode 1 to episode 7, Chekov was somewhat disappointed because a powerful character like The Watcher stood outside observing all the pain and lamentation of the multiverse from Doctor Strange trying to revive his lover to the world. The world fell into chaos because of zombies. It wasn’t until episode 8 when Ultron appeared that he revealed his face (albeit somewhat forced).

The good news is that The Watcher calls himself the guardian of the multiverse at the end of What If…? episode 9, it is revealed that he will still appear when the fate of the entire multiverse is at stake. Well, Chekov is looking forward to The Watcher facing off against Kang the Conqueror in the future.

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