Ohio Bus Driver’s Viral Outburst Sparks Fundraiser and T-Shirt Design


An Ohio bus driver’s profanity-laden outburst against students has sparked a T-shirt design and a fundraising campaign aimed at helping her retire with a nearly $60,000 donation.

Jackie Miller, the driver in question, stated that her tirade was the result of two years of constant provocation from a group of students on her Amherst route. She apologizes for her actions on the day of the outburst, which occurred when a student sprayed perfume and triggered her asthma attack.

While speaking with a local news outlet, Miller expressed her frustration with the lack of respect shown towards bus drivers. A local clothing store has created a T-shirt based on Miller’s outburst, with $5 from each sale of the $25 shirt going towards supporting her retirement.

The T-shirt features a yellow drawing of a school bus and one of Miller’s most memorable quotes from the incident. Mistakes on the Lakes store owner Jacqui Adkins stated that the fundraising shirt was created out of empathy for Miller’s situation.


The T-shirt sales will contribute to an even larger fundraising campaign that has already raised over $59,000 online. Over 2,500 individuals have contributed to the campaign to support Miller’s retirement and vacation plans.

Jeff Grob, the organizer of the fundraiser, decried the treatment of school bus drivers and how children’s misbehavior goes unchecked for fear of losing their job. Grob compared Miller’s actions to Red Forman’s character from “That ’70s Show,” who was notorious for threatening to kick people in the behind.

Despite the push to help her retire, Miller hopes to continue driving buses, albeit likely for adult passengers. She expressed her gratitude towards those who have supported her, saying that it has restored her faith in humanity.