Ja Morant Returns and Memphis Grizzlies Win Division Title

Ja Morant
Ja Morant returned to action on 22nd March, after missing nine games due to a league-imposed suspension. The Memphis Grizzlies faced off against the Houston Rockets, and Morant did not disappoint in his first game back.
It’s impressive that the Grizzlies were able to clinch the division title despite Morant’s suspension and missing him for nine games. The team was able to step up and continue winning games, which is a testament to their depth and talent. However, there’s no denying that having Morant back on the court is a huge boost for the team’s playoff hopes.
With the win, the Memphis Grizzlies clinched their second consecutive division title, which is an impressive feat for the team.
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In conclusion, Ja Morant’s return to action was a huge boost for the Memphis Grizzlies. Besides, if you’re a Grizzlies fan looking to show your support for the team and its star player, check out the TrendsBedding store today!