Celebrating President’s Day: Overview, Significance, and Activities

Happy President's Day

President’s Day in the US: Overview and Significance

President’s Day, also known as Washington’s Birthday, is a federal holiday observed on the third Monday of February each year in the United States. It is celebrated in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States, born on February 22, 1732.

The holiday originated as Washington’s Birthday in 1880 and was officially designated as a federal holiday in 1885. In the 1960s, with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, the holiday was moved to the third Monday of February to create a three-day weekend. It was renamed President’s Day to honor all Presidents of the United States.

President’s Day is now a day to celebrate the legacy of all US Presidents and their contributions to the nation. It is a day for Americans to reflect on the history of their country and the people who have led it and to recognize the vital role that Presidents play in shaping the nation’s future.

President’s Day Celebrations and Traditions in the US

Here are some common activities that people in the US may participate in on this Day:

  • Sales and promotions: Many retailers offer sales and promotions on President’s Day to entice shoppers.
  • School closures: Many schools and universities are closed on President’s Day, giving students and teachers a long weekend.
  • Parades and ceremonies: Some communities hold parades or ceremonies to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the two Presidents celebrated on this Day. 
  • Museums and historic sites: Some people visit museums or historic sites related to American history, such as Mount Vernon (Washington’s home) or the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.


  • Community events: Some communities hold events to celebrate President’s Day, such as picnics, festivals, or concerts. Some communities may host sporting events, such as ski or snowboarding competitions, to celebrate President’s Day.
  • Community service projects: In some communities, local organizations organize volunteer projects, such as cleaning up parks or painting schools, to celebrate President’s Day.

Celebrating President’s Day: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Long Weekend

With the long weekend ahead, many people are looking for ways to celebrate and make the most of their time off. Here are some ideas for spending your President’s Day, whether you’re looking to give back to your community, travel, engage in outdoor activities, or relax.

Volunteering on President’s Day: Strengthening Communities

One of the most meaningful ways to spend President’s Day is by giving back to your community. Consider volunteering at a local charity or non-profit organization. You could help out at a food bank, spend time at a nursing home, or assist with a community clean-up effort. Not only will you be making a positive impact in your community, but you will also feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from helping others.

President’s Day: A Time for Adventure and Travel

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, consider using the long weekend to travel, either within the US or abroad. There are many great destinations to choose from, whether you’re looking to explore a new city, hit the ski slopes, or relax on a beach. Consider booking a trip to a nearby national park, where you can enjoy scenic hikes and breathtaking views. Hit the road and explore a nearby city or town. Visit local attractions, try new restaurants, and see the sights. If you prefer to travel internationally, consider visiting a country with a rich cultural heritage, such as Mexico, Spain, or Greece. This is a fun and low-key way to spend the long weekend.

Celebrating President’s Day with Outdoor Activities

If you’re adventurous, consider using the long weekend to engage in winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding. This is a great way to exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and challenge yourself physically and mentally. Whether you’re an experienced skier or a beginner, plenty of ski resorts across the US offer a wide range of trails and slopes to suit your skill level. 

Attend a parade: Check out a local parade or celebration to mark the occasion. This is a fun way to get outside and show your support for the country.

Explore local culture: Visit a local cultural festival or event to experience new art, music, and food. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about other cultures and broaden your horizons.

Go on a hike: If the weather permits, spend the day exploring the great outdoors. Go on a hike, walk in a park, or visit a nearby nature reserve. This is a great way to exercise and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Visit a farmers market: Spend the Day browsing local farmer’s markets and specialty shops. Try new foods and ingredients, and support local businesses.

Visit a historical site: Take a trip to a historical site or museum to learn about the lives and legacies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. This is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of American history and reflect on these two presidents’ impact on the country.

President’s Day: A Time for Relaxation at Home 

For many people, President’s Day is simply a time to relax and spend time with family and friends at home. If you want to unwind, consider spending the Day at home, watching movies, reading a book, or simply lounging around. You could also take a spa or yoga class to help you unwind and recharge. 

Do a DIY project: Tackle a home improvement or craft project. Spend the Day working on something you’ve wanted to do, whether painting a room, building a bookshelf, or making a scrapbook.

Do craft on President's Day

Try a new hobby: Take advantage of the long weekend to try something new. Whether learning to cook a new dish, taking up a new sport, or picking up an instrument, this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and develop a new skill.

Host a barbecue or potluck: Gather friends and family for a barbecue or potluck. Spend the Day cooking, eating, and enjoying each other’s company. This is a great way to create memories with those who are important to you.

party on President's Day

No matter how you spend your President’s Day, the most important thing is to enjoy time with loved ones and take advantage of this long weekend to relax, recharge, and pursue your passions.

Final thought!

In conclusion, President’s Day is a time to celebrate the legacy of America’s past leaders and to enjoy a well-deserved long weekend. Whether you volunteer, travel, engage in outdoor activities, or relax and spend time with loved ones, the key is to make the most of this opportunity to rest and recharge. So why not try something new this President’s Day? Take advantage of the extra time to explore new interests, bond with loved ones, and create lasting memories. No matter what you choose, make sure to take a step back and appreciate the value of this holiday, both in terms of honoring the country’s history and taking time for yourself and your loved ones. Happy President’s Day!